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Fantasy or Science Fiction

I think my eyes are going fuzzy from looking at book covers. I want to make sure I have the right message or promise with my book covers for the series that I am rebranding. That brings me to the name of my book. I started off with having half of a saying. This was fine when it was a post apocalyptic science fiction romance. Confusing titles are kind of par for the course. Not so much when it is Urban Fantasy.

Now I bet you are wondering how a sci-fi can turn into a fantasy. Well, actually...

In my book I have tattoos that give superpowers. This is done by redirecting electromagnetic fields (auras) into another area of the body. More energy into the muscles and you get stronger. A little more into your own healing abilities and all of a sudden you can spit out bullets.

Most of the time I have magic seeming things they have some kind of science in the background. Like my Wyvern Chronicles - that is string theory and entanglement. Of course it is also fantastical because it has shape shifting dragons.

So I need a title that isn't so confusing. I didn't want to lose the original title so I've gone with Halcyon's Hero. I like the alliteration so at least I can get a buzz from that to make up for having to lose the original. Unfortunately that means my series title sticks out like a sore thumb.

Glyph Warrior wasn't really my favourite series name. I'm still not happy with the one I have on the cover. I want something that hints to the tattoos that give powers. So Atramento or Ink is where I'm leaning.

I'm changing the setting to New Zealand. Tattoos here are a bit different than in other places. They have a cultural aspect to it. (think Maui from Moana) I don't want to imply at all that is where the tattoos come from in my book. First off I have a Russian and a Japanese/European characters. The only Maori character barely features in this book. So I don't want to use anything that can make people think I'm trying to appropriate a culture here and frankly slapping on some Maori word to the tattooing screams wrong in my mind.

So Atramento is Latin. The tattoos are supposed to come from an ancient language so I like the hint to something that is really old. But most people wouldn't have the foggiest what it means. I had to look it up after all. I also like the fact that it is so obscure. I must be perverse.

If you want to vote on which way I should go you can click here.

I've also got some elements on the cover that hint at the science fiction without being over the top and the obligatory fiery hand fart to indicate it has magic.

In the meantime I'm trying out new covers. You can see what I mean with the series title not working. Definitely getting rid of the warrior part and I still haven't decided on One or I. Grrr.

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