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Why I think Self-Publishing is the way to go.

I am a control freak. No, I mean that in the nicest way. But when it came to publishing I like that I have complete control. I wrote my first manuscript and then asked some people to have a look at it. They took too long. I mean I was all ready to go and become a writer. Okay, it would probably have been better if I had slowed down but the first novel you learn as you go along. But I loved that I had control over what the cover art looked like and when it would be released. How much I would sell it as. The title and pretty much everything.

Okay, so I'm still learning when it comes to marketing and all that jazz. But to be honest if I had gone with a publishing company they wouldn't have done much of that anyway. And with awesome people out there that give advice to people you would be amazed by the speed of my learning curve.

I was reading a blog by an author I've recently discovered (Lindsay Buroker) and man, did she inspire me. Mostly by the fact that she can make a living without having to be super famous. I dream of the day I sell thousands of books a month. I get all excited when I sell a couple dozen books.

I have published 3 books at the time I'm writing this. And that was all done in one year. Traditional publishers take their time publishing books because they have other books to think about. You wouldn't want too much competition out at the same time and even worse if they all come from the same publisher. I would have been lucky to publish one book a year. By publishing everything myself it gives me to control to publish when I want.

Like I said I'm a control freak and that is why I think Self-publishing is the way to go. A friend gave the idea to make my own publishing company. And why not? I went with the name Reshwity. It means rejoice in ancient Egyptian. When you google it I am the only Reshwity out there.

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