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Review: Torch in the forest by Marcie Kremer

A young widow is struggling to keep herself free and her lands running smoothly. The men around her are arrogant and want only to use her in one way or another. A bit of a slow start and it takes a while to like the young widow as she seems way too innocent and sheltered for a widow even a young widow.

I liked Hugh straight off. Though he is a bitter, angry man it brings out the ‘I want to save him’ ridiculous that seems to be in every woman.

I could have wished for a faster pace but it was appropriate for the setting of the novel. The ending made up for the earlier slow pace.

It doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly between our bitter angry lord and the innocent widow.

Mary, the widow’s sister, is dreadfully melodramatic which is completely in character for her teenage years. She is amusing and reminds you of every younger sister you have known.

I kind of wanted more action instead of intrigue. I like action better. Though William is a suitable villain whose deeds get darker as the story grows. Things truly pick up when there is a murder and accusations are flying. Secrets and intrigues are uncovered and true love blooms.


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