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Review: The Chain by Antony Millen

I must say I have a bit of a bias when it comes to this book as this author is a friend of mine. It is his first in the YA genre but there are clearly still elements that would appeal to an adult audience. Particularly as the style of writing is more like what you would find in the famous five or hardy boys.

The story is of two boys who think their dying father did pretty much nothing with his life until a stranger arrives on their doorstep. They live in a world where everyone watches everyone else. Like Facebook on steroids. Their father actually was part of the movement that tried to keep some privacy. When he realised that it was doomed until a time better suited he and a friend set up a chain of clues that would lead to a flash drive that had incriminating evidence. The Chain is twenty years old and was originally set up so the uncle could follow the clues. So their father's dying wish is for them to follow the chain and collecting the information. At first the boys go along because it is expected and it is their father's dying wish but they are more interested in riding horses and playing games than in overthrowing a corrupt system. From this point the book is a bit like a travelogue as we journey all around the world with the boys. The two discover that their father was right and he was part of something bigger than they could have ever imagined.

This book is based on true events and there is even a Snowden type character. Humanity has given away its privacy without much thought. This book encourages us to think about that. Also with a bit of adventure and action along with stunning descriptions of distant climes. You follow along behind the brothers and feel almost like a sibling that doesn't have a voice.

If I had to give this stars it would for 4 and a bit as there are some parts where while pretty you really just want to get to the nitty gritty. Also I'm not always keen on male Protags but that is only a personal feeling. When my brothers were reading Famous five and the Hardy boys I was reading Nancy Drew. So while the style is familiar and comforting it is male orientated.

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