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Pep Talk For Writers

Recently I helped my mom publish an adult colouring in book. It was an awesome experience but in the first week she sold more books than all of my novels. Okay, I'm aiming for ebooks rather than physical books like the Muddled Memories that my mom published. But jealously reared its ugly head and I was rather grumpy. Mostly at myself because I should have been doing more selling of my books. I've been writing but little else.

So here is a pep talk for all those writers out there that have either put out a book and the sales aren't so great or are struggling to get that first book out. Don't give up. The world needs your best story.

Let me tell you the story of Rodriguez. He is a singer who started singing in the 1960's. He produced a single album and then his career in America went down in flames. Or in his case a fizzle.

In South Africa getting things from America had to come in very convoluted ways so no one knows how Rodriguez's album came to South Africa. But he was a hit. No one expected another album because they had heard he was dead. Rumours abounded. But the album became the anthem for political change in South Africa. Years later some film makers in South Africa went looking for Rodriguez's story. Only to find him renovating houses in Detroit. He thought he was a complete failure when it came to that rock and roll stuff. He is now in his 70's and he is touring South Africa to sold out concerts.

The internet is awesome but it does mean you can become famous or even mildly popular at the drop of a hat. That is what viral is after all. So don't give up. Hopefully it won't take until you are in your 70's before your career takes off but it could happen.



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