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I hate Sexy!

I read a lot. Especially romances and there are a lot to choose from so in this particular genre I am very, very picky. So, there are a few things I don't want to see early in the book. The main one is the word sexy. Here is why I particularly hate books that use this as a description at all.

To describe a woman- Okay first of all I'm female so when a woman is described as sexy I'm not thinking of that the main character is sassy and curvy. Nope I'm seeing her as a two dimensional character whose only object throughout the novel is to please men. I don't want to read that crap. If it is to describe another character I think the narrator is shallow and likes to objectify woman?

I want to feel empowered when I read a book. Also what is a sexy woman. If you go by what the media says it is one way and if you ask ten guys on the street they will all have a different answer. Usually slender with curves and a x-factor that none of them can put their finger on.

To describe a man- LAZY! That is what I would tell my kids in class is a tell not show. Besides what is sexy? Again if you ask a women on the street you will get even more variance than you would from asking men. I want to know what he looks like. I don't need the whole picture I can fill in the rest with my mind. Just give me a few key points and I'm happy. Though to be honest I'd rather have a three dimensional character than one who looks like sex on a stick. I mean as a reader we like reading about women who look like us. Otherwise genre's like BBW wouldn't be doing so well. But when was the last time I had a piece of hunk walk into my everyday life. Hardly ever and they were usually jerks. I'd rather have a male protagonist who might actually be in my league if I was lucky on a good day rather than completely delusional.

So any author who uses the word sexy is either too lazy to describe their characters or they are so two dimensional they really can't comment on them at all. All that means is that the book is not worth reading. Or worse the writer is actually anti-feminist and I really don't want to read that crap.


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