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Review: Swords and Sorcery by Lee Tozer

A true high fantasy we are sent into the faerie world along with twelve very young knights who have been sent to save all the realms. A surprisingly well written book and if you liked old fashioned Faerie Tales you will find much to like in this book. And I don't just say this because he has the same writing foible as me and penchant for too many thats.

This story has plenty of elements from Nordic mythology and is well researched in that regard as you will find things and places mentioned which you don't find in many run of mill Nordic fantasy books. It is seamlessly combined with demons, well I mean Daemons. There is some interesting spelling but it works well with the Nordic names.

A bit slow in starting but as you get to know the main characters it does trots along in an amusing way. We follow the story of two of the Twelve Templars. Colin and Otto. I would have preferred more females in the story and it isn't about to pass a Bechdel test but let us be honest most high fantasy wouldn't. These two are separated from the others and face imprisonment in completely different circumstances but find a new strength because of it.

I would recommend this book to a younger audience and tweens. It has all the elements of a high fantasy condensed down into a pleasurable read. I look forward to reading the next one as it tells the story of one of the female knights. I like a girl who can kick butt. And the hints of the female characters are of smart and sassy young women.

I give this novel a 3.9 and it is knocked back because I want more meat to a story and a girl who can kick butt. The .1 is for the name of the book. I keep having flash backs to that Chicks in Chain-mail anthology whenever I hear swords and sorcery together.


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