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And she dies!

I was watching the movie 2012 and near the end the woman who cheated on her husband drowns. And no body cares. I'm serious nobody sheds a tear. I mean we even had an expletive for the plastic surgeon husband. Do you want to know why this is done? It is because she is an adulterer. Yip, our movies are that sexist that anyone who is an adulterer ends up dead with hardly a tear to be shed.

When we watch a movie or read a book we want the bad guys punished and the good guys to win and get the girl. It is formula as old as time. But I am sick and tired of how we demonize women in our texts. Okay, I don't advocate adultery but her husband was an ass. He just wanted a trophy and never acknowledged that she might have something more than boobs to offer the relationship. She should have divorced him but surely she shouldn't have been killed without even remorse for being a bit of a gold digger. I mean seriously they let the rat bag, spoiled rotten kids survive.

The problem is I find myself doing the same things in my books. The last book in the Glyph warrior series has a woman who wakes up from sleeping for a few thousand years and she is a slut and she ends up being the bad guy in the end. But I really hate that story. She is lonely and not a slut. But I have no idea how I can write that story without it coming across as a woman who is desperate for a man and when she doesn't get him she turns into a bad guy. It is a truly demeaning reason for any of my characters to change their allegiances.

You can read my last Glyph Warrior book and tell me if I have achieved a way to redeem my villainess if I ever get around to writing it.

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