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Review: Rogue by J.T. Vaydensen

Rabbits! I know it shouldn't matter but who in the right mind would let rabbits go in a pristine environment on another planet especially after what happened in Australia. Unfortunately, this set a trend. I was expecting a book like Ender's game which is pretty deep and if it wasn't like Ender's Game I was expecting Starship Troopers. In the end it was like the movie all about the characters and not about the story. I got lost a few times especially when they jump from one character to another.

For characters who are so young they have very adult concerns. We have Tek who is a bit autistic so he doesn't make friends very well. One day his world is tipped on its end and the sweet boy has to put aside childish things. Then there is Deuce. I'm actually not sure where he came from. Like I said I got lost a few times. There are some good strong characters though I could have wished for more female characters as this universe is very much tilted to the male gender side. Not surprising as this is about soldiers.

The pace is a bit slow and the book is a bit long for a YA book. Actually, that is its main issue. Too long.

After saying that it was easier to get into than books like Ender's Game with similar themes it could be recommended for those with a lower reading level to introduce them to Science Fiction.

So I'll give this book 3.2. The .2 for the great cover.


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