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Clean romance that will knock your socks off

While writing another blog I thought of all the books I like which are clean romances but really have a good feel between the two love interests. So, here is a list of clean romances that will knock your socks off with how steamy they are.

1. The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker

I'm a new fan but I've read pretty everything she has. She does all clean romances and there are a lot of hot and steamy couples in her books. If you want something a little grittier try her other name Ruby Lionsdrake. In particular her Dragon blood series with the king hooking up with an explosive specialist who is very open minded. But the one that knocked my socks off is the romance between Amaranthe and Sicarius. She is a policewoman who has been framed for treason and has to clear her name. Sicarius is a cold blooded assassin who falls in love with her but doesn't quite know how to show it. He will go through hell to save her which he does a few times. The times where there is romance is so subtle and heart wrenching it is beautiful. Like the time he trusts her enough to cut his hair. Mmm, I think I'll re-read the series again. I really loved the romance.

2. Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

Yes, yes I know it is a YA so of course the romance is going to be clean. Except if you look at her other series she isn't always completely clean. Alanna in particular has a few almost raunchy scenes. But despite that I love Alanna's romance with George I have to stay that Daine and Numair's is the one that wrenches the heart. The love/romance is slow in growing as when they meet she is still a young girl but by the time we get to realm of the gods the love is obvious and when Numair thinks Daine is dead and how upset he is it is clear the love was inevitable. I always wished she had written more of their story after they had gotten together.

3.The fifth quarter by Tanya Huff

I also like her romance between Torin and her agoraphobic scavenger but Vree is still my favourite. She has managed to get through to her love interest who had such a fear of dying he had pushed himself into other people's bodies. Vree loves him so much she takes him inside of herself. I like the idea of Gyhard redeeming himself. There are too many stories that once someone has committed a crime they are doomed to die yada yada. I've got a blog on that as well. Vree has committed as many crimes as Gyhard but hers has been sanctioned by the government. So together they get to build a life where they can both start over.

4. Magic Bites by Illona Andrews

Considering that this series is written by a couple I'm not surprised that they enjoy a little romance in their stories and the tension between the Beast Lord and Kate is steamy. A lot things get in the way of their early courting and the Beast Lord seems more grumpy than in love but that soon passes once they get the misunderstandings out of the way and the Beast Lord is willing to move heaven and earth for Kate. I would happily give the Beast Lord a naked dinner as well.

5. The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop

Anne Bishop is great at the romance without coming out and saying it. After all her blood series has sex slaves and yet in the whole series there is only two sex scenes. I like the romance between Lady Cassidy and Grey. Lady Cassidy is a large red haired woman who has been burnt in the past by her consort. Grey has been tortured and is stuck in a child's mind. He wakes up for the sunset hair and loves her freckles. I can appreciate this kind of love story as well as I look at my own freckles.

6. Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Mercy is always the outsider. As a coyote in a werewolf pack she keeps herself apart from everyone else. The alpha of the local pack has other ideas. He has been watching her for years and fell in love with her over a plate of chocolate chip cookies. He might be an alpha in the pack but he isn't the kind that stomps all over her personality and rights. Instead he puts things in place to look after her and allow her to still be who she is. I love shape shifting stories but sadly most spend more time describing bedsports then actually describing the shape shifters.

7. Ill wind by Rachel Caine

Joanne is a weather witch but gets into trouble when her boss tries to feed her to a demon genie. The love interest in this story is between her and a Djinn. I won't tell you more as, spoilers. But what I love about this love story is how much her Djinn is willing to do to keep her safe. He has super human powers and yet he isn't an arrogant A hole. Throughout the series he shows over and over again his love for her even sacrificing himself.

8. The Kraken King by Meljean Brooks

Meljean has some really love stories but the Kraken King is my favourite. Zenobia has been hiding all her life so no one really sees how amazing she really is. That is until she meets the Kraken king. Okay, he makes a few mistakes but I love how he completely falls for her. No hesitations or doubts though he does have a lot of questions. I would tell you more but spoilers.

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