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Why my books don't have any sex

I'm a Mormon, but that isn't why I don't have sex in my books. I find that when an author focuses on the two main characters alone it gets two dimensional. It is the difference between romance and reading the Karma Sutra. Too technical to disconnect the brain from reality to fully immerse into a world and create that suspension of disbelief.

When I write my books I don't write the romance first, I write the story. Because the story is the most important thing. Once I've written the story then I go back and write in the scenes where there is romance. Because to be honest romance is almost always an after thought. We want to be connected to people and once we have achieved that we throw in romance to keep the other half interested.

Just like a life partner I look for certain things in a book. I must like the characters and they need to develop and change. The book also needs to have a point. I rather like paranormal romances because they are almost always fighting some bad guy. I like that because at the end I feel like they have achieved something.

I've heard the term mommy porn. And it isn't far off when it comes to what most romance is today. If you wanted that kind of thing you can find places where that is the focus. But books should be about the story and not about sex.

This is my sexiest book cover to date. I love this cover but there are certainly steamier covers out there so at least I'm not advertising what isn't in the book. The rise of the erotica genre means there is a place for those things, but you will also see in the corners of Goodreads groups aimed at christian romance or what they call clean romance. This means it has no sex scenes, drug use or swear words.

I'm part of these groups not because I won't read other romances full stop but rather that I prefer books that focus on the story or even the tension between the couple instead of the physical side of a relationship. I'll do a blog one day where I list all the books of clean romance that will knock your socks off as romance doesn't have to be the 'Oh, My!' expected in mommy porn.

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