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My favourite books with interracial couples

All of my novels have mixed race couples or even in one case two different species. Here is a list of my favourite books that have interracial couples.

1. Patricia Briggs, Mercy-Adam and Anna-Charles

I couldn't pass up this writer as she also likes to mix it up. Mercy is half Native American and so is Charles and they hook up with Nordic god Adam and sweet girl next door Anna, respectively. Mercy often reflects on her lack of knowledge of where she comes from and that disconnect while Charles who was born during the colonization of America saw his people fade away. I think they represent the two ends of the continuum of cultural awareness and their partners are always understanding though some times confused by their culture.

2. Eileen Wilks, Lily-Rule

Lily Yu is Chinese and even has the matriarchal grandmother who has some secrets of her own as she once dated a dragon but that is much later in the series so no more because spoilers. Rule is a werewolf and his culture very much clashes with Lily's even though she sees herself more as an American rather than an ex-pat Chinese. There are so many around the world who have been in that country for at least a generation or two and see themselves as something different to what their skin proclaims them as. The two come to some compromises but you feel their struggle the whole way through the series.

3. Meljean Brooks- Ariq-Zenobia

Ariq is half Chinese and half Japanese with a full Japanese half brother and they live in Australia. Zenobia is american/dutch. There is language and cultural misunderstandings between these two like Ariq marrying Zenobia without her realising. But in the end they talk it out and come to a compromise that suits both of them and though they make mistakes they talk it out, apologise and forgive each other instead of using it as ammo between them because they come from such different backgrounds. Zenobia's brother also is in a interracial relationship as his wife is also Chinese.

4. Wen Spencer- Scary cat dude (Leo) and Nicky

Nicky is white bread American and her love interest is from Hawaii though he is also part cat. He is adopted by a British guy. They meet in Japan so their relationship is touched by that particular island but there is also a lot of discussion about cultural shock and the like. Also Nicky has hypergraphia which means she has an Obsessive Compulsive disorder that makes her write. Leo can also change into a cat and the thing that really brings them together is that they can see past all this to see just each other. A fantastic love story there.

5. Lindsay Buroker- Tikaya and Rias, Ridge and Sardelle, Caslin and Tolemek

So this one is cheating a little bit as these characters all come from a fantasical world but none of them come from the same country and they have either different skin colour or something else that sets them apart like Sardelle being a mage. Tikaya and Rias are from two countries who are actually at war. Rias is darker of hair and skin tone than Tikaya. Caslin is also at war with the country Tolemek is from and he has darker skin and dreads. Awesome. They all have to come to terms with loving someone that others in their crowd will not accept and they realise that the love is more important than acceptance. Psst this book is also free so click on the image to go get it now.

I should say that while I was writing this blog I realised that I haven't actually read a lot of interracial relationships and it actually made me sad. There was more inter-species books with werewolves and dragons than there were between the races. I think I've read more slasher fiction than interracial and that just seems wrong to me.

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