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Auditors of Reality

I write in third person omniscient. I've done that since my grandfather suggested that most writers use third person. To the point that I don't like to read first person books unless they are past tense. Yes, there are first person present tense books out there and they make my hair on the back of my neck rise. Most authors though when they write they try to make the narrator as invisible as possible. I do some of this as I stick to one perspective per scene. But I think of my narrator a bit like the Auditors of Reality from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

The Auditors of Reality

I don't know if Terry would roll in his grave at my interpretation of his Auditors but I always liked the idea of watchers of the universe who watch the stories that are our lives. They by their nature are kept apart from the reality that they watch. Except there are exceptions. Sometimes one of them personalises themselves and interjects a bit their own opinion. Sometimes they go too far and become individuals and they cease to exist.

So if you want to know more about them check them out here

How this relates to writing?

Well my narrator isn't invisible and I don't want them to be. They are the watchers and because they are watching things are seen through their eyes. Just like when we read something we hear the character voices in our heads and see what is happening in our minds. I am the artist that has painted an image and it is how I see the world that is expressed to the world. Monet and Renoir were two very talented artists and they were friends. they would often go out to the countryside and as starving artists they were always broke. So they would share a pallet. Renoir would get either the cooler colours or the warmer colours and Monet would get the rest and they would paint the same scenery. You can see on this website how they would paint the same scenery. So the eye of the artist really changes what is seen. So as the writer I want to make sure people are aware that I am there and that they are seeing the story through my eyes and that they might interpret it differently if only they could find another who had been there and observed the same story as me.

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