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Armageddon isn't the end of the world

I had my launch for my latest book this weekend. I went up to Auckland which is the biggest city in my country but don't get excited the whole country doesn't even have the same amount of people who live on Manhattan island. I dressed up and stood for a while handing out postcards and book marks. The kids were the best.

Most of the day was wandering around and there certainly were enough people there. Last year there were 70,000 people and it certainly seemed like there were that many people.

There were three types of people selling books. The biggest and most impressive was this one guy that had a six foot poster and these lovely book covers that I know must have cost a grand each to develop. He had a prime location and a double sized booth. But I felt he was trying just a little too hard. I giggled at his blurb endorsement as it was a goodreads comment. Please anyone can grab one of these. Also though the covers were awesome they were design for a bricks and mortar store as they were mostly white. When online those covers kind of blend into the website. Also I bet he spent a mint on that booth and the six foot poster. So I little too rich for me.

Next were the small publishing companies. Both comic books and a fellow Specfic booth. They had a lot of stock and people to man their booths. They were a little out of the way but it did mean it was quieter and not so crowded. They had people handing out things and smiling. It didn't seem like they were selling heaps but I imagine they sold enough to cover the cost of everything and it certainly will help get further fans. They appeared very professional and no one would know that they were only small publishers who pretty much work like self-publishers but with a bit more class.

The last group was the tiny tiny booth usually mixed with others. They screamed self-published. But then so did I. They weren't as smooth with the selling and I do wonder if they even got back the money for the booth. A few people had gotten together to put it all up but it was a little all over the place.

So I realised that until I either had a lot of friends in the same genre and willing to put in some money it really isn't worth it to get a booth at Armageddon. Cost vs visibility the flyers and postcards are the most effective. I look forward to the day when I can have a booth like the small publishers.

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