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Review: Cyborg Legacy by Lindsay Buroker

I found this author when I was looking for something free on Amazon. Since then I've bought pretty everything she has written, even the stuff under her pen name. I now often buy her books the day they are released and she is awesome by putting out books regularly.

Cyborg Legacy is the latest installment in her Fallen Empire series. I don't usually read novels with male protagonists but Lindsay is really good at building real people in her stories and her men are actually really well done. They aren't macho but they aren't weak either. I teach for my day time job and I see a lot of young men that don't know how to be men. Lindsay has men who aren't afraid that they are masculine and yet want something that fulfills them. This could be family or a career where they can change people. In this book it is more of a stand-alone as we have glimpses of the others from the rest of the series but our hero is someone completely new.

Jasim just wants to teach kids. Make a difference in their lives but no one is willing to give a cyborg a break. Especially in a universe where the cyborgs were on the other side of the fight. But a man has to eat so Jasim gets a job as a repo man. In his job he stumbles across a murder, another cyborg. Who has had all his implants ruthlessly cut out. Jasim discovers that this cyborg isn't the first and it seems someone has been going through the duty list picking them off one by one. Unfortunately Jasim's Surname starts with an A and it is very likely he is the next on the list. Jasim enlists the help of his old commander, Leonidas. Now they have to get justice for the downed cyborgs because no one else is going to care that old soldiers of the empire are being hunted down.

I kind of expected another cyborg like Leonidas but I was pleasantly surprised when Jasim was so different. We do still have a quirky pilot but Maddy is older and certainly fun. There is certainly a satisfactory amount of action as Lindsay always delivers. Since it is two cyborgs the action is more as working as partners which is very different from the rest of the series.

The best part is seeing Leonidas with his kids. This brusque man trying to be funny to please his wife even when she isn't there. I always like reading the happy ever afters in the epilogue. This is like a big long extended epilogue where we get to meet new people.

You can read this as a stand alone without having read the other books in the series but if you have read the others then this is a must read as it will warm your heart to see Leonidas get the future he worked so hard to get.

Five stars without any hesitation.

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