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Review: Meant to be by Melody Grace

I think I just found my latest Jayne Castle or Nora Roberts. I don't usually read contemporary Romance. Usually I have to be lured in with mystery or a bit magic. Meant to be caught me straight away and kept me joyously engaged all the way through.

The story starts with a romance writer who has lost faith that she will ever have that great love that she has written about. Her aunt has offered her the use of her cottage by the sea. Instead of the quiet get away she ends up living next to a construction site and a rather handsome man. Rugged and extremely stubborn. He also has lost faith in a dream of a romantic love to beat all loves.

There is there is only two love scenes which I like because I tend to skip over those so there is enough for people who love the sappy love scenes and there is also a strong story that skipping the love scene means you don't lose out on a great story. I live in a small town and I love that everyone knows everyone. Sweetbriar reminds me of my own home town. This story would also pass the Bechdel test though only because the women sometimes talk about food and kids.

This is the perfect light read not just because it is easy to read but because it will make you see the world just a little brighter. That maybe it is worth fighting for that love and that we all deserve to be loved.

This was easy book to give five stars. Well written, great characters with depth to them and a neat happily ever after that will satisfy everyone's heart.

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