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Inside Wyvern Chronicles

I'm coming to the close of my Wyvern Chronicles. It is a bit sad and happy time as I'm excited to have a new book and to tie up loose ends but I'm also sad that I've finished Hara and Gideon's story. So I thought I would do a post on the world I created and a bit of the science that I appropriated to make my world slightly plausible. Also I'll answer some questions about the Dragon's home world.

The Science

I like science though I am the first to admit that I would be classes squarely as a layman. I know coffee table book kind of science but that doesn't mean I know very little. So my dragons travel between the Branes that are parallel to each other. There is a space between these two Branes where atoms go. You see atoms kind of pop out of existence then back in again randomly. Scientists have no idea where they go or what causes them to pop in and out. They are called virtual particles. My dragons use the virtual particles to pick up a template of shapes and forms of things that exist in our universe. This is how they can shape shift. They are messing with their virtual particles to change their mass and shape.

My dragons also can make things pop in and out of existence. Basically they are shoving the atoms of the item into that between place but they can only do that with things that belong to them. My dragons are truly what they own as they are atomically entangled with their belongings.

When the dragons mate they are actually mating at an atomic level. Because being completely different species there would be no chance of them having kids at a biological level even though they can change their shape.

This ability to play with atoms is how they can work at a bigger level and fix cells and why they can live so long.

Dragon Home world

The dragon home world is a mirror earth but instead of creatures evolving with five limbs (mostly) they have seven. four limbs and a tail plus the wings. If you look at our creepy crawlies you can find this combination but nothing reptilian or mammalian. It is a matriarchy but don't cheer for feminism as the men are oppressed. That explains the male dragons leaving and their reaction to humans here as they didn't want anyone controlling them. The Wyvern dragons though decided they would do dragon culture right and look after their belongings.

In my latest book I mention that Gideon goes back occasionally to rescue as many young male dragons as he can. It has gotten worse. Most of the men have either left or died and the female dragons have been chaining up their men to stop them from escaping.

I hoped you liked this little insight into my Wyvern Chronicles.

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