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Review: SEALS of Honor: Devlin by Dale Meyer

You would think 12 books in they would run out of things to write but SEALS of Honor: Devlin is just as good as the other books in the series. Okay this isn't the height of literature but it delivers exactly what it promises. We have our happy endings. We have cute guys running around being heroes. We have the added bonus that the damsel in distress is super smart and saves herself most of the time. We have some action and the bad guys getting their just desserts. So it doesn't have twists or surprises but when you have have had a long week and you want to escape to another world where there are good guys, that seem to be hens teeth in this world, are running around every where then this book is perfect.

The story starts off with Bristol in Afghanistan there to teach some soldiers how to use her new drones. Of course this is where she meets her SEAL: Devlin. He like most soldiers has sworn off romance and is only thinking about going stateside and starting a new life.

Devlin is hooked right from the start though he doesn't seem to mind so much. He is just a good guy that helps out a pretty girl that has just lost a friend. I love that he doesn't take advantage of this and is just there as a friend. I think that is when I fell in love with him.

Bristol is super smart. An engineer she can't stop upgrading and inventing things. In the end she even manages to save herself though she likes to lean on Devlin when she can. I like that she is an independent woman and yet she wants Devlin. She doesn't need him to rescue her but she likes it when he does. This is the kind of woman I want to read about.

This book gets an easy 5 stars. It is easy to read, enjoyable and delivers everything it promises.

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