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Camp time

It is that time of year again. Camp Nanowrimo time. I do find it amusing as for me it is the middle of the year and freezing but for half the world they are on their summer breaks. I quite enjoy Nano as it makes me responsible for my writing. At the moment I'm working on an ambitious project. Usually my series just start and I add to them as I write. Usually with a book or two in mind as I write. But this time I'm not going to rush and actually finish the whole series before I publish the first book.

The problem though isn't the size of the project but rather my own confidence. I love writing but when I've made only a few hundred sales on my books after writing for two years I have this voice that whispers at the back of my head while I write. 'why bother no one is going to read it anyway' 'you are a terrible writer. If you were better you'd be famous by now.' Okay none of that is true but this is a conversation between my head and my heart.

So I thought I'd use good ole Nano again to kick start me. Because the thing that is great about nano is that there are thousands of people out there that will tell you to keep going and that my writing sounds awesome.

If you want to sign up for the camp please go to Nanowrimo. Camp is different from their national writing month, in that you can choose your own word count.

If you want to help me get over my slump tell me how great the series looks.

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