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Review: Logan's light by Dale Mayer

I rather like Dale's work. Okay, everything is fairy tale like in that we have a damsel in distress that gets rescued but Dale Mayer is also aware of the inherent sexism in many of those formulaic tales. The women always have an opportunity to show that they have the skills and gumption to get themselves out of a pickle but it is all just better that a knight in shining armour is there to save them.

Also since this is a rescued kidnap victim story I really appreciated how Logan didn't take advantage of the love interest in the story. The end condenses down what would happen over a long period of time to just help move the story along faster though I would have been happy with a fade to black moment, but that is just me. It is clear the author knows what consent is and has Logan kissing Aline on her forehead or temple for most of the book. Clearly placing Logan as a Hero instead of a predator.

Like I said before I prefer fade to black, which this story doesn't have, but it doesn't overdo it either. I can happily skip over that part and not miss any of the story but for those who like the details, there is something there for them as well.

I wouldn't say this is Dale's best work. I do think it could do with another round at the editor as there are a few typos and a handful of clunky sentences. But considering how prolific this author is I can quite happily overlook it and I'm excited about reading the next installment and seeing Harrison take the fall with the rest of the crew at Legendary Security.

4.7 stars and only because I still don't like the covers. I suppose they do all match.


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