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Review: Harrison's heart by Dale Mayer

The only issue I had with this book is that they fall in love too easily. I know it is a romance and that is how it should go. But three days is a bit of a stretch for the I love you bit. I think because the sparks weren't there between the two characters. I think that might be because I didn't like Harrison as much as I liked the other heroes. In the last book he was happy to torture people and though the bad guys deserved it, it soured me towards Harrison.

Our heroine on the other hand is awesome. Prickly but not mean she has a reason to be standoffish. On the run because everyone thinks she shot her father and beat her mother to an inch of her life it is Harrison's job to find her. They discover that men haven't been the best in her life, especially in her family. And it is clear that her going to authority is out of the question because of her history with a lack of justice. This is important because the rest of the story is a juicy fantastical situation.

I do love Dale Mayer's stories as the romance is always consensual and even though we have lots of violence the violence is never ever directed at the woman. Just like romance should be it is more about the soft sweet moments rather than violent hot passion. I wish men would read these books and see just the kind of hero women are truly looking for. Harrison is the partner in protecting her but he doesn't try to solve all the problems on his own.

I still don't like the covers. And I'm not a fan of Harrison but Zoe is awesome enough to make up for his faults so I give this a 4.5 stars.

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