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Review: Love Undefined Anthology

I don't usually go to writers groups. I've taken workshops and played with groups online but mostly I write by myself and share my wins with a local author at my workplace. But recently I joined a group. They are awesome, not just because they give feedback freely but because they talk about the same things that interest me. It is this group that have compiled this Anthology. I don't know most of the writers in the book as I'm still new to the group and to frank I'm terrible at names.

Man, was I impressed from the get go. A great cover and I'm always biased towards a book with a great cover.

The first story blew me away. So well written and engaging. I loved it. The others continued on with the heartwarming feeling that was the character of each one of these stories. Now usually with Anthologies you read a story here and there and skip over about half of it. Not with this one. I think I read all but two of the stories. It was that good. The last time I read an anthology this good it was by a single author so to have such consistency with multiple authors speaks to the skill of the editors.

There is something there for everyone to like especially if you have a soft spot for romance. Some of the stories are Science Fiction - a particular favourite - while others are contemporary - not my favourite - another that was a historical romance - another was paranormal - another favourite - but I like anything with romance. A bit like how chocolate can make everything better.

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