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Gifts for Book Lovers

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would help people out with offering tips for buying presents for book lovers.

Pretty much everything on Etsy

A lamp shaped like a book or glows.


There are so many T-shirt that are based on books. I love them and would have a whole cupboard filled with them. Below are some links to different sites that have T-shirts for that book lover in your family.

Literature Art

I got my brother a poster of Wolverine once and it is awesome. A great gift for anyone who likes books.

Literary Mugs and other cool things.

A box that looks like a book. I have one of these.

Something to read books on. I know books are better but I like being able to carry around a thousand books in my hand.

A Personalised item is always appreciated.

If your friend is wanting to read all the classics then this scratch off list is the thing to get.

There are literally whole websites dedicated to this stuff.

Things made from the pages of books

It really about the thought behind it all so this Christmas have a thought for others.

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