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Books I'm excited about

I love reading, usually I'll pick up whatever I can get my hands on but there are a few books I read the moment it comes out. This is my list of books I'm going to read the second they hit the shelf.

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

I've drooling over the Other's series since I picked it up. Her best series and that says a lot as I once read one of her series literally in a night, I watched the sun rise. This one will most likely have references to the other characters but it stars a new Heroine. The only down side is that Anne also publishes her books on the same day Patricia does I usually have to flip a coin to see which one I have to read first.

Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs

This is in the same world as Mercy but with Anna. I actually prefer this series mainly because she hasn't written so many so the potential is still there. Since we are following Anna and Charles these books also have more politics and intrigue.

Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews

I recently reread this whole series. I love Kate. This duo couple have this genre down pat. I can't wait to see Kate come into her own powers now that everyone knows who dear old dad is. I'm looking forward to her having kids of her own.

Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston

This is a completely roll on the floor hillarious series. I don't know how she does it as she has screeds in this series but each one of her character is unique but equally funny.

These ones don't have preorders or covers yet but I'll be watching out for them: Pretty much anything by Lindsay Buroker and Ruby Lionsdrake. She never bothers with preorders as she puts them out as fast as she writes them. She usually knocks out six or seven books in a year so plenty for me to read. I'm also hoping Wen Spencer puts out another book, either in her wolves of Boston or my beloved Tinker series. I'll probably read that before it even gets out as Baen lets you read eARCs. I'm still waiting for Meljean Brooks to bring out her next book in her Iron Seas series. She promised it in 2017 but it still doesn't even have a title so I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll be reading tempests and slaughter by Tamora Pierce the moment it becomes a ebook.

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