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My 2 cents of the Last Jedi

It seems every one has an opinion on the Last Jedi. I rather liked it but then I also like most of the Star wars. Mostly because I turn off the critic when I watch these films. They are made for the masses and that means they appeal to the lowest common denominator. But here are some things I liked and didn't like about the movie.

Warning spoiler alert.

What I liked

I liked that they failed. I always thought it strange that the other side had all these soldiers and resources but the resistance some how managed to win the day. This time it shows a more realistic outcome of a conflict between good and bad. Still there is a sense of hope in it all.

I loved the new creatures. They were clearly made to sell more stuff and they played almost no role whatsoever in the plot but man were they cute.

I loved that Leia used the force to save herself. In the first movies they are very male orientated. I mean Leia's dad was Darth Vader just as much as Luke but he gets to study and she doesn't Rubbish she has just as much force as him. This film finally acknowledges that and lets her use it.

That Rey couldn't redeem Kylo. I also liked that Rey is also not completely of the light this is a hint to the whole the last jedi thing. The jedi are too lopsided. While they exist the dark will exist instead a balance should be achieved.

That their allies fell through. Again this is reality. There are so many who say they are supportive but really they are only looking after themselves.

The red guard were girls. I know you can't see their faces or anything but two of the red guard were women. You can tell by the way they move and the costumes.

Rey isn't a sex symbol but she is sexy. As the love interest for Kylo I liked that he is the one showing flesh instead of her. Nice change of pace. Metal bikini I'm looking at you.

Kylo negging Rey but she doesn't take it. Kylo calls her nothing and from nobody and then says she can only be someone with him. The fact that she takes this cheap shot and shoves it down his throat is fantastic.

I loved the jokes. They are aimed for kids but there are a few that can transcend age like the "Finn, Naked, Leaking?"

Characters change. Unlike Rogue One where we don't get to explore the characters I liked that the ones we met in the Force Awakens are fleshed out more and this is enjoyable.

We have a more racially diverse cast. This is true of the Force Awakens as well and I'm glad to see they continued with this.

I also loved that it didn't pay any attention to the fan theories. Even my family sat around one afternoon trying to figure out Rey's parents. Kind of like that it wasn't the big reveal we all expected it to be. It kind of tells us that it really doesn't matter who our parents are. It all depends on what we want to do with our lives.

I loved how Kylo is reduced to a two year old with a temper. We see this man-child mentality in the Force Awakens but I also enjoy the childishness of it all. It reminds me of my students in class who think they are Luke when they are really Kylo.

What I didn't like

They didn't rescue the kids. I mean they leave them there instead of taking them with them or at least dropping them off somewhere along the way so they wouldn't have to continue to be slaves and abused.

The dues ex machina. I know the series is rife with it but I'm tired of the falcon flying in to save the day at the last moment.

I think the reason why people didn't particularly like the Last Jedi is expectations. They had created this hype and forgot that it is a block buster film made for kids. I loved that this was something new and that I didn't know what was going to happen when I sat in my movie seat.

One dimensional characters. There were some that were so flat they were so forgettable.

Where is the big hoorah for Ackbar. He has been in as many movies as Leia and Solo and yet when he dies it is a blip of the radar and the movie goes on. This is almost as bad as Leia hugging Rey over the wookie.

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