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Review: The World I know by Dale Britton

It was a slow start but well written so I thought, I'll read another page and then another and then another and by that stage I just had to know what happened. The mystery is so compelling.

Leo is your regular Jock. Dating the prettiest girl at school. Then he notices little things are different. A tree, the colour of the wall, his class schedule. Until it leads to his brother's death he didn't realise just how serious those changes really were.

This story is intricate and the world very well developed. It was just a little slower than I like from my stories. Or at least more laser weapons. But apparently a teenager's life is pretty much the same no matter what dimension they are in.

The ending is well worth the wait though.

It wouldn't really pass the Bechdel test even though there are some well developed female characters. They all revolve around Leo and his life most of the time. But if you want a light read that will intrigue you then this is the book for you.

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