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Autism in Literature

I'm writing a new series and the main love interest is autistic. If you want to check out my pinterest board on this click here. I was moved when I read the speed of dark and this alien shore. I could relate to the characters in those books. Not because I'm autistic. I'm more of an introvert though there is one doctor that reckons that is just the mild version. I always aim for diversity in my books. Usually with bi-cultural relationships. So here is a list of my favourite books that have either an autistic MC or a major character.

There is a whole planet of neurodiverse people in this as all the people who travelled across space were mutated and changed forever. The unmutated and so called normal people are after the MC who is a very different young woman.

This is a complex world and though they go a little into autism and all the things wrong with people they treat it with respect. After all she is the hero and kicks butt in her own way.

The only guy on the list Lou is different but his ability to see the world as he does allows him to go to amazing places. This is a science fiction story of how he tries to teach himself how to be normal.

I loved this book because you are so immersed in his POV that you feel a little odd when you finish reading. As if the world is just a little brighter and sharper because you can see it for a moment through his eyes.

I can already hear people arguing this one. But hear me out first. Katniss doesn't really have friends. She spends most of her time outside the fence. She doesn't understand why people like her. She struggles to share her emotions. I think because we read it all from her POV we miss these things. It also explains why she ended up with who she does at the end of the series.

If you don't know what this book is about it is about a girl that is forced into a situation where she has to kill other children or die herself all for the sadistic whim of the government.

I just read an article that pointed out that Alanna is probably autistic but her dad and brother certainly are. It was fascinating. You can check it out here. I read this book as a teenager and I was hooked. Now as an adult I realise how open minded and amazing this whole series it.

There is the diverse characters from different ethnic backgrounds. Her cross dressing habits. The fact she turns down a prince because she wants someone to love her for who she is not who they want her to be. There are podcasts and articles on it. One of them on here.

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