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Going Wide

Not everyone will be familiar with this phrase. In the book publishing world it means not putting all your eggs into one basket. It is very tempting as stores like Amazon offer a very massive audience. While the other stores are more boutique in their size. Last year Amazon in a glitch of an update geoblocked everyone outside of the US by accident or so they told us. Geoblocked means that you have to be in the country to be able to access things. There are a lot of countries that don't have their own Amazon stores but being able to access things on .com means we are truly equal with our favoured brothers over in the US. I was born in South Africa so I understand sanctions and how it impacts a country and it scared me that Amazon through a glitch could accidentally put sanctions in place on any country in the world.

That is when I decided I would take my books wide because I don't like putting that kind of power into the hands of a corporation. Okay, in the grand scheme I am algae in the publishing world but unless we make choices that resonate with our morals, corporations will have unchecked power. After all it is the reason why I bought bamboo toothbrushes last week or why I'm eyeing my old Huawei phone dubiously and wondering what I will replace it with when it finally dies.

But regardless it is has an upshot for all my readers because now you'll have choice of where you buy my books. To to that regard I'm going to put the links to all my books that are wide on this post. The image will take you to a universal link that allows you to pick the store of your choice. Because choice is awesome.

Hara's day is about to get worse when she rescues a dragon and accidentally steals a pirate airship. In a world where dragons are real and have changed history for all time we follow the adventures of the clever Hara and Gideon, a dragon.

When the Emperor offers her crew a pardon for just one mission Hara can't turn him down. Based on the Shakespearean play Midsummer night's dream Hara has to prevent a disaster to the Empire while corralling teenage love birds.

A collection of short stories set in the Wyvern Chronicles world. It is really important to read this one before you read the next in the series. But here is a hint, if you sign up to my newsletter you can get this collection free.

The Jade Dragon Empress of the thousand year dynasty summons Hara and Gideon to Hun. As one of the few female dragons on Earth it is hard to resist her call.

A novella, this story is a Christmas treat for those that want to fall in love with a rare Roshian dragon. For Charani that is a bit tricky as she carries the Dragon Hunter blood and killing dragons is literally her day job.

Misha isn't looking for a tattoo when he arrives at the blue haired genius' shop but when she offers him super powers he can't resist. No more than he can resist her. This one is also free if you sign up to my newsletter.

Natasha finds the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, those dreams show him dying, over and over. There is no way she is going to let the son of the legendary Shield Builders die on her watch.

Ramon isn't good enough for her and he has superpowers. She is smart and beautiful. No matter what he does with his life, become an agent and saving people's lives, it is never going to make up for his past.

The first book in the Well Said Anthology this is a collection of short stories where creatures great and small are the highlight to some warm and fuzzy stories across the speculative fiction landscape.

I will be adding the rest of my back-list up and my new books as they finish their runs on Amazon Unlimited. In the meantime enjoy.

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