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Geeky Heroes

I was talking with some of my friends and we were sharing war stories when it came to dating. We all had one story in common. A clever man who felt emasculated by how clever we are. Okay, none of us are geniuses but we all have degrees so none of us are slouches in the brains department. We have met many guys who are smart and don't feel like us being smart somehow diminishes their own achievements. In fact, I love have heated discussions on the merits of Star Wars and Marvel. But now and then I'll come across someone who needs to be smarter than me. That somehow achieving this makes them superior.

I'm in a promo at the moment over on Bookfunnel that is celebrating Geeky Heroes. Be quick to check it out as it only has a couple days left on the sale.

But it got me thinking about my own geeky heroes. I have both female and male geeks in my stories. I also have people who aren't super genius smarts who are completely fine with the other being smarter than themselves. But then I write fiction and so I can have this. So I thought I'd make a list of books that has a geeky hero.

Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker

Actually, all the heroes/love interests in this Universe are geeky smart heroes. Bonus - this book is Perma Free. Sicarius is an assassin, so he has the body but he also has the brains. His hero is a maths genius general and can do complicated maths on the fly, speak multiple languages and still do feats of strength.

I do wonder though if Lindsay was planning on a romantic angle when she first started the series but I'm glad she was able to redeem Sicarius.

Heart's Blood by Gail Dayton

This series is literally about smart guys who accept smart women. Set in a world where women aren't easily accepted into the magical world these magician's are at the top of their field in the country and yet aren't intimidated when the women they love are just as clever as them.

Gail struggled to gets the rights back for the last book of this series but she finally did and it is now complete.

Ferromancer by Becca Andre

He is an engineer. Designing trains and other awesome things made from metal. She is a bit old school canal user and she kidnaps him and he still doesn't resent her. This series is still ongoing to I'm curious how it will end.

Sorceress of Faith by Robin D. Owens

Robin has always written good geeky heroes. So you can pick up any of her books if that is what appeals to you. I like this one in particular as we meet him in the first book and he comes off as completely cold academic with only one dimension. Mostly because of whose eyes we see him with. In this book he is the love interest and it is great to see him with the warmer eyes of love.

Paid Companion by Amanda Quick

I have a more practical view of love so when I read this it really spoke to me. This series also has many geeky heroes and even more her ones with a paranormal flavour. This hero literally uses a paid companion service in order to find a bride. I wish it could be that easy.

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