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Plague ridden books

I know a little on the nose but someone was saying they were reading a book that had a plague in it and I was thinking that I had read a few in my lifetime. So this is my list of favourite plague ridden books.

On a strange alien planet she is exposed to a disease no one has seen before. The only way to save her life is to put her body into stasis and her mind into a ship that will travel the universe trying to find the cure to her disease.

No list is complete without at least one of the greats and here we have both Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey.

I was hoping to see Mercedes this year at world con so it seems ironic that this book is on the list when my plans were so disrupted by Covid.

A young plant mage he has finally found his home amongst a group of young mages. But everything is going to go away if he can't help find a cure for a plague that is sweeping through his new home.

Briar's Book is the fourth in this series and not the only one to have plague in it. This is a YA book but holds up to readings while you are an adult. Though the characters are young there is still enough there to intrigue adults.

Based on Cinderella Cinder is a cyborg who lives in a city where she is a second class citizen. When her adopted sister gets sick her adoptive mother in her grief - and because she is nasty - sells Cinderella for testing to the government trying to find a cure of the disease.

Can I just say I'm loving the new cover. This series even though it is based on Cinderella and other fairytales is only loosely based on them. Set over a series this story takes a while to roll out and the disease plays a critical role in almost all of the books.

Taken as a warprize by a warlord they come across a village with all the warnings of plague. As a healer she is compelled to help the people but this isn't easy as a warprize or an outsider.

This series is a tad interesting as the couple comes about by violent means and it takes them a while to figure out that it is more a cultural differences that keep them apart.

A species of aliens who are a parasite have come to earth. With different ways to subdue the human race they seem to have the upper hand. That is before one of the aliens was different from the others. Still a parasite he grew an individual consciousness. This silent battle between aliens fought on earth comes to a head in this book when a group of humans manage to get their hands on some alien weapons. Including one that can cause a plague that will wipe the human race from the planet.

I love this series as it is original with characters easily to fall in love with.

The only known survivor of a disease he is asked to be used as a test subject so they can find a cure. Garrett lost his entire family to this and he doesn't want anything to do with the disease or with healers who couldn't help save his family.

This is a great second chance at love story that I loved reading. This whole series is a good read for a lazy holiday as they are easy to read.

An Engineer is thrown into a political intrigue that is big enough to swallow up twelve solar systems. Along with his best friend who is a genetist they have to figure out everything before they get killed.

This series has a lot of plagues. Man made ones and old ones from the past. There is also radiation sickness. I put the first book in the series but there are plagues in all of them.

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