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Betrayed Hero - New cover

So as part of my revamp of my first ever series, I have been doing up the covers and releasing them again. A new setting and more magic. Here is the cover for what used to be You Can Run - Betrayed Hero. And yes I made the same mistake I made the first time and have a title that is too common but ah well.

Natasha's atramento tattoo has given her great powers but it is also making her crazy. She is having dreams of a man stabbed and left in an alleyway. When she discovers her dreams are all too real, she is drawn into Warren's life. Hunted by an unknown enemy, she is the only one who can protect him.

We get to see a little more of Halcyon's history as Warren is from her old stomping ground. I also have some short stories that I'll post up later in April to go with this book. So keep your eyes peeled.


“Well, then let’s start with something easy. What’s your name?”

He reached for his name and he couldn’t find it. Memory slid out of his mind like sand between his fingers. He looked at the woman in horror. “I can’t remember.”

She leaned over him and ran her fingers through his hair. He winced when she hit upon on a lump. “Ouch.”

She winced in sympathy. “Sorry. I think they hit you on the head.”

She sat down and spread her hands. “I suppose the atramento should fix that in time. The EM field around you looks like it is feeding the atramento at capacity, but all the energy is going to healing your stab wounds.”

He gasped and reached for her hand. “What! Stab wounds? You’re saying I was stabbed?”

A soft smile touched her lips and her eyes warmed. “Yeah, several times. Misha says that means it was personal. So, one thing you do know is that you have an enemy out there.” He wondered how close he had come to dying. He rolled her words around in his head. Who was Misha?

His jealousy shocked him and he wasn’t even sure if Misha was a guy or not.

“Misha?” he asked.

She said, “Oh, yes. My cousin. This is his and Hal’s place.”


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