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Halcyon is back

The path to redoing my very first series has been a very long slog. So here is my first book I ever wrote and jazzed up a bit. More editing. I changed the setting a little as I wanted it closer to home. Especially since I stripped out as many markers in the original version that it could have been anywhere. Now I've put back some of the flavour that was missing. But best of all new titles and covers.

Blurb: Misha is about to be used as a test subject for Halcyon's atramento, tattoos that should make him as powerful as a superhero. That suits Misha fine as it means sticking around the interesting woman for longer. But when drug lords attack Halcyon things get complicated.

The journey has been interesting. Things I've learnt over time and the leveling up I've done have all been awesome. When I started with this book I wanted a concept cool enough to grab my attention but wasn't too precious that I would never finish the story.

Too many people when they set out to write have this marvelous idea. But it is too good to waste on a novice. Well this book was my training wheels. I'm so grateful that I had the chance to go back and fix up some things.

Changes you will see is that it is now in my Kiwi English. I thought I had to write in Americanised English in order to cater to the market but it felt too much like hiding my voice.

I also set it in New Zealand though as vague as the original I haven't set it in a real New Zealand city but rather a fictional one.

I took out some of the stereotyping that I hadn't realised were offensive until I did more research. Like Hal lost the blue hair. I know it is a lot in things like Anime and the like but it is cliche rather than classy so I gave her back her natural hair colour.

Lastly, I changed it away from science to more fantasy-based and instead of calling the tattoos glyphs I gave them a more magicy (I know it isn't a word) sounding name of Atramento.

Available now at Amazon and soon more places.


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