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Mother's Day Freebie

So for mother's day, I thought I would give away one of my books. Also, I have a cover reveal for the last book in my Atramento series.

But first up the freebie. For Mother's day weekend only you can get my Lady Golden Hand free. Just click on the image below and it will take you to Amazon where you can download it anywhere in the world free.

Was the dragon the murderer?

A mutilated body leads Lady Rayne Ancaster to investigate the dragon Victor for murder. If that is true, then the treaty between dragons and humans is at risk. Rayne as the only female policewoman in Londinium has a lot to prove and a lot to lose if she follows the thread to the conclusion no one wants to admit.

This is a complete series set in the same world as Wyvern Chronicles and available in Kindle Unlimited as well.

Also I have the last cover of my Atramento series.

Last but not least. I've republished my Kitsune Shapeshifter book and will be coming out with the second installment soon. This, like the others, has been revamped and re-edited for those pesky typos that always seem to get past half a dozen eyes.

Magic naginata and shape-shifting foxes. Canada is much more exciting than the brochure had promised.

Kiera prefers a boring holiday and has created a following based on it. Unfortunately, when Goddess interferes, it means her rather sedate holiday turns into the discovery of a lifetime. Yokai are real and all the other creatures they told her about at her grandmother's knee are also real and so far none are friendly


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