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The final book in the Wyvern Chronicles Series

It was a long time coming to finish this series. Not Game of Thrones long time coming but pretty bad by how I measure time regarding publishing. But here it is - the last book in my Wyvern Chronicles series. It follows the good detective's sister and ties up many loose ends and of course leaves a few undone for more stories to come but in a different era. I think I'll jump forward a few decades for the next series.

Katherine's mother is dying, so becoming a doctor to save her is her only goal. Now that she is so close to finding a cure, she needs the help of a reclusive dragon living in Scotland. But he is only willing to help her if she will grace his bed.

Lady Doctor

Katherine has designed a mechanical heart with her brother's help in order to save their ailing mother. But there is no way to power the heart. That is where the reclusive dragon comes into the picture. He has a kinetic battery that as long as you keep moving will power the heart for the rest of their mother's life.

Of course, her journey isn't to be a smooth one. The dragon isn't about to help Katherine unless she is willing to pay a very high price. Add in some greedy thieves and a mysterious dragon that no one has seen in centuries and the excitement never stops.

Here is a snippet of the story for your delight.

Katherine spun around when the dragon growled. “This way.” She grinned when she saw him below her on a lower boulder. He had his arms crossed over his chest and glared at her. She scrambled over the rocks, having to flick her skirts when they got caught on the rough surfaces of the stone.

A little breathless as the way was steep and tricky, she came to a stop by him. She told herself the breathlessness was normal as she concentrated on her feet and not the height. “I knew you would warm up to me.” She beamed a smile at him. Her hands were damp, and she rubbed them against her skirt. Without any words, he turned and led the way.

She watched his back for a moment as she re-orientated herself, following close on his heels. It was a fine back. Muscles played under the surface of his shirt. Her eyes dropped to his Gluteus Maximus. Usually when she observed body parts, it was to ascertain the health of her patient. It wasn’t often for her to admire body parts just for the way it was shaped or moved. It was also a good way to avoid looking down the steep hill.

“You are trespassing,” his deep voice interrupted her thoughts. She blinked and tried to remember what she had said before for him to reply with this information. She flushed when it took way too long as she was still admiring his rear.

She coughed to recover. “I was exploring. You have a lovely butt here… eh spot here, I mean.”

The dragon half turned and glared at her. “You are a nuisance.”

She smiled beatifically. “You aren’t the first to say so.” She chuckled when he turned around and picked up his speed. Skipping, she almost turned her ankle when a stone tumbled out from under her. Throwing out her arms, she caught her balance. Glancing down to the possible fall, her breath hitched in her chest and burned through her heart.

Licking her now dry lips, she called out, “Hey, wait up.” But he must not have heard her as he continued without looking back. The sight of his garden lifted her heart. The watchmaker stopped at his gate and held it open. “Stay away from me.”

She stopped at the gate. “I can’t. Not just because of my project but because I think I need to have coitus with you. Probably not now, but when I’m finished with the mechanical heart.” It wasn’t often a man attracted her.

He frowned at her, but she didn’t explain because she knew she wouldn’t be easy to find the right words. She flashed him a smile and sauntered over to her tent.

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