How to write like a crazed monkey

I look at authors like Lindsay Buroker and I think she is amazing to get so many books written in such a short time. Then I look at others like Kristen Britain who takes a donkey's age to get a new book out. I have noticed that the authors who get books out regularly are the ones I buy. Once I finish a book I look to see when the next is to be released. Maybe sign up for a pre-release if the price isn't ridiculous and some time down the line I have a new book on my kindle. Others like Kristen Britain it is different. I'll re-read her books because I love them so and I'll check to see when the next one is out and it has something like 2030 (not really but it feels like that) and I give up on

5 Ways We Aren't Very Nice

My grandmother was a great matriarch but she was raised in an era where woman had to carve out their place in the world with scalpels rather than explosives. This meant my grandmother was a genius at the subtle manipulation. This was great watching her with others but terrible when used on myself. I was in a forum for authors today and I was shocked by some of the answers to people's threads and how mean some people are. They probably thought they were being helpful as why else spend time on those forums, they can be extremely boring, or they can complete trolls and I'm not touching that with a barge pole. Instead I want to highlight how we often write things on line and it isn't very nice a

Auditors of Reality

I write in third person omniscient. I've done that since my grandfather suggested that most writers use third person. To the point that I don't like to read first person books unless they are past tense. Yes, there are first person present tense books out there and they make my hair on the back of my neck rise. Most authors though when they write they try to make the narrator as invisible as possible. I do some of this as I stick to one perspective per scene. But I think of my narrator a bit like the Auditors of Reality from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. The Auditors of Reality I don't know if Terry would roll in his grave at my interpretation of his Auditors but I always liked the ide

Audio books and my Journey- Studios

So I wasn't so keen to sit with my head under a blanket to record everything so I thought I would make my own studio/isolation booth. Everywhere I look they say sound acts like water. It has to do with the waves and such. But if a studio or isolation booth is a bucket what I have made is more like a waxed canvas bag. Space- Most say use a cupboard or a small room. Well my small room is on the side where the road is so there is plenty of noise. All the other rooms seem to have gadgets that I can't turn off like the fridge or the fish tank. So I came up with an idea to build a small room. I got this idea while watching how to make sound absorption panels at home. I got some really big artist c

Audio Books and my journey- The Research

So I was listening to some blogs by some of my favourite self-published authors and they mentioned audio books and how that helped to draw in some fans. It got me thinking about audio books. So I've actually started writing this post in Aug 2016 and it will chronicle my journey into Audio books. I might cut it up into bits. The Researching- Argh this was frustrating as everything out there is aimed at US citizens. Amazon have a company that self-publishes Audio books much the same way their Createspace company does but it does this by having a network of narrators and studios and anything else you can think of that you would need to publish an Audio book. Unfortunately they won't offer this

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